Top 5 Tips to Upskill Your Workforce

Training is a core part of any business and shouldn’t be seen as just a tick box exercise. COVID-19 means we’re all having to adapt our way of learning as working from home becomes part of the “new normal”. Businesses will need to review and revolutionise the way employees learn by utilising new tools and platforms.

This is where eLearning can play a key role. In today’s lockdown environment, eLearning has become an absolute must. It provides learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience without the need to go into a classroom, helping to boost revenue levels and increase higher revenue per employee.
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider eLearning:

1. Fast-Track Learning
eLearning can significantly reduce employees’ training time as it typically requires 40-60% less time than a traditional classroom setting. This is because employees are able to access the material at a time that suits them, so they can fit it around their schedule. As they’re able to set their own learning pace it means they can focus more time on areas of difficulty and there’s no pressure to move onto the next topic.

2. Reduce Costs
In-house classroom training tends to not only time-intensive but also expensive, primarily because it needs a professional trainer to deliver the course and help employees improve their knowledge and skills. eLearning utilises software to do this so significantly reduces the cost. Learners are regularly tested to ensure they have understood the content. This is one of the main reasons why companies move from traditional classroom-based training to eLearning.

3. Better Knowledge Retention
eLearning can increase the knowledge retention rate significantly simply because of the way it’s delivered.  Content is interactive and delivered in a highly visual and concise way, helping employees retain much more of what they learn. eLearning often also includes gamification and quizzes which engage the individual and allows for real-time feedback, creating an effective learning environment to help employees grow and improve.

4. Increased Productivity
Self-paced online learning leads to much higher productivity as employees can train at home, and fit it around their workload. It provides a more flexible approach to learning which in turn leads to better performance and higher efficiency. And because online eLearning software enables the learner to revisit information, they have access whenever they need it.

5. Greater Insight
eLeaning courses like the ones provided by VIXIO GamblingCompliance provide managers and leaders with the tools they need to train their teams. Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows managers to track learners progress throughout and to generate a variety of reports to provide them with a full audit trail to demonstrate compliance. Customised reports can be automatically generated and sent to stakeholders, so skill gaps can be identified and dealt with.

Discover how eLearning can help your business by speaking to the team at VIXIO today, and find out how you can implement high-quality employee training at a lower cost. Find out more here.

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