Data Analysis: Online Betting’s Exposure To Coronavirus-Hit Sports
Head of Data provides an update on online betting and the effect sporting cancellations from the global coronavirus pandemic.

The global coronavirus pandemic has been the primary driver of massive, broad-based share price declines across listed, betting-exposed gambling operators over the course of this month.

Germany: Gambling treaty heralds major market shake-up?
Managing editor provides an update on the German gambling treaty.

After years of debate, tentative agreement in Germany over a set of draft laws looks set to radically disrupt the country’s existing, highly lucrative, online gambling market.

The compliance imperative: Leveraging automation to manage regulatory change

Whether it’s PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication, 5AMLD, GDPR or the rise of crypto, regulatory change and volume is increasing at speed. Since the financial crisis, governments, central banks and regulators have heaped on regulation to protect consumers, increase transparency and introduce competition and innovation.

How will gambling compliance change in 2020?
An award winning compliance officer gives his predictions.

Following a year of increased regulatory scrutiny across the globe, the gaming industry will continue to face stricter rules and regulations around responsible gambling in 2020, according to Trevor De Giorgio, judge of the GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards.

Trevor De Giorgio, judge of the GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards
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