Introduction to the Gambling Industry VIXIO Training Solutions

The UK has one of Europe’s largest gambling markets, and is extremely prosperous. Gambling businesses operate in a constantly changing, regulatory landscape. It is particularly complex due to the numerous laws and conditions with which organisations need to comply.

This interactive course can be used as an introduction to the gambling industry’s core compliance topics and themes, ensuring newcomers or existing employees understand the importance of regulatory topics, and can create a culture of compliance.


CPD Accredited

Customisable Course

30 Minutes

Level: Introductory or Refresher

The objective of our Introduction to the Gambling Industry course is to provide you with a general overview of the gambling industry’s core compliance topics, including anti-money laundering, advertising, data protection and safer gambling. The key participants in the industry the regulators and the licensing requirements are also covered.

This is an introductory course, suitable for all employees whether they are new to the gambling industry or would like a brief overview of the UK gambling industry.

“From start to finish we have found VIXIO to be an excellent training partner in offering both bespoke and off the shelf training. Their staff have always exceeded expectations in their level of customer service, demonstrating full working knowledge of their products and being incredibly efficient when dealing with all manner of enquiries. Their training platform is regularly updated to provide us with a level of comfort that the content remains up to date in a fast-paced industry and the delivery of the platform is practical, straightforward and pleasure to use”.

Head of Compliance and MLRO, Land-based Casino

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