Understanding Problem Gambling
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The UK Gambling Commission imposed more than £20m in fines for social responsibility failures in 2020 and more than £3m already in 2021. These fines show the importance of social responsibility and how player protection and safer gambling have become one of the most pressing regulatory areas for gambling firms in the UK and all major jurisdictions.

Identifying and assisting problem gamblers is not easy. We can all be susceptible to making assumptions, so it can be difficult to reserve judgement and allow customers to discuss their problems. This course has been developed to help improve your, and your organisation’s, awareness of the impact, signs and symptoms of problem gambling and the effect that it can have on individuals.


CPD Accredited

Customisable Course

45 Minutes


The objective of our Understanding Problem Gambling course is to provide staff with key knowledge, clinical tools and processes to understand and support individuals who may suffer from a gambling problem. This course also demonstrates good corporate social responsibility to which licensed operators are required to adhere.

This course is suitable for both land-based and online employees dealing with customers as there are a number of realistic business case scenarios which can be applied to your role.

“VIXIO’s understanding problem gambling course was easy to customise to our business requirements. The course has thoroughly enhanced the awareness of our customer-facing team, empowering them with the necessary tools and knowledge so that they can better deal with challenging situations. The module has been well received by the team due to its user-friendly approach, interactive nature and multiple case-studies of relevance”.

Head of Responsible Gambling, Land-based Casino

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