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Cryptocurrency Regulation


In 2020, VIXIO PaymentsCompliance’s regulatory monitoring identified that regulatory obligations relating to cryptocurrencies and payment institutions have tripled in the past year alone.
With new developments continuing at pace, VIXIO PaymentsCompliance helps clients who work with crypto assets stay on track with the latest cryptocurrency regulation.

This page provides a collection of VIXIO resources on some of the key developments. Book a demo to view our cryptocurrency insights and regulatory analysis.

Making Crypto Less Cryptic: From MiCA to AML, the balance between opportunity and risk


VIXIO PaymentsCompliance was joined by guest speakers from Gemini, Mackrell.Solicitors and the European Parliament to hear how you can help your business come up to speed with:

  • What the future holds for cryptocurrencies, and why it’s time to pay attention.
  • What the new rules are likely to mean for the EU and beyond, and how you can make the most of the opportunities.
  • How to navigate increasing anti-money laundering compliance burden, and ensure it becomes business as usual.


Who will take gold in the race between stablecoins and CBDCs?


It is a truism, especially in payments, that regulation follows innovation. Companies develop new products which operate in a legislative grey area, like the account information services offered by Yolt as one of the earliest examples of third-party account access, and lawmakers then move in to stake out boundaries and, in the case of open banking, lay the groundwork for an entirely new type of business to emerge.

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