How Saves 15% In FTE Hours And £30k Per Annum On Legal Fees With VIXIO PaymentsCompliance is an API-based platform that provides online payment solutions. It helps fintech customers overcome layers of complexities to gain advantages through the payment process. Its technology is designed to make transactions seamless, faster and more reliable in 150+ currencies around the world, while providing complete transparency of payments data. Its customers gain deep insights into their processes, enabling them to make intelligence-based decisions while unlocking new opportunities and revenue streams. Since launching in 2012, has grown to more than 1,000 employees and 17 offices across five continents.


As expanded, so too did the time it spent staying on top of new legislation in the territories it served. It needed expert help to deliver a more cost-efficient way to monitor changes to global markets. Not only that, but it needed experts who could help it stay ahead of regulatory enforcements. VIXIO was able to offer the solution. It was only natural they turned to VIXIO.


The difference VIXIO makes


For, compliance obligations are paramount. Before working with VIXIO, it relied on professional networks and law firms for information. This was helpful, but time-consuming and limited in the scope needed. The firm wanted a tool that could drive insights, helping it develop its strategy.

With VIXIO, it tapped into PaymentsCompliance, which provides real-time information and actionable insights into trends and issues. has found particular services especially invaluable to its business and that of its customers:


    • Horizon Scanning – comprehensive coverage and organised tracking of regulatory changes in set jurisdictions, ensuring they don’t fall foul of their obligations. This enables to spot opportunities, adapt and mitigate risk.
    • Alerts – as relevant events unfold, never misses an update. They receive alerts, keeping them abreast of changes as they happen. Customised alerts are a feature of Horizon Scanning.
    • Daily emails – changes in regulatory compliance sourced and brought together each day for focused review.
    • Country guides – information on specific countries translated into English to provide an understanding of the regulatory framework for that jurisdiction. Helpful for territories is already operating in, and for assessing and planning entry into new markets.



“The tool is simple to use, provides succinct market information, and allows our team to keep abreast of consultations, changes, as well as industry and market developments.”

– Matt Buchanan, Head of Compliance & MLRO,



Agility through insight


PaymentsCompliance enables to move with agility, allowing the company to be proactive versus reactive. Intelligence feeds through in real time, enabling insight and the ability to anticipate regulatory changes and act accordingly and when desired. With VIXIO, is also equipped to help its customers become operationally resilient in terms of payment processes.


Using the latest tools


Before relying on PaymentsCompliance, spent 20% of FTE hours researching for compliance duties. Now, they no longer have to sift through voluminous amounts of information to find what they need to know.

PaymentsCompliance does that for them, making access to knowledge instant. Now their time is spent in reviewing relevant – and only relevant – content, significantly reducing those FTE hours to 5%. The hours gained has enabled them to devote more time and focus on client management, giving them a more satisfying experience.

The company also saved around £30K in fees to law firms for the features that are part of the PaymentsCompliance service. With PaymentsCompliance, is able to reduce the number of support channels it needs, as it’s now all in one, trusted source.

With the intelligence gleaned from VIXIO’s services, is able to put together reasoned arguments for adopting various market strategies to influence internal decision-making.

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