How VIXIO Fuelled Kambi's Expansion Strategy With Data-Led Insights

Kambi provides high-performance sports-betting technology and services to the global-regulated gambling sector. Headquartered in Malta with offices in seven locations worldwide, including London, Philadelphia, and Stockholm, their services range from risk management to odds compiling and compliance provision.

Kambi delivers services through an in-house, innovative software platform and powerful open APIs. This enables their partners in six continents to differentiate on crucial player-facing elements, including front-end and pricing. Compliance is integral to every aspect of Kambi’s day-to-day operations. And when partners target expansion in new markets, they look to Kambi to roll out their technologies without a hitch.



When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, new market opportunities emerged for all global operators, including Kambi and their partners. VIXIO GamblingCompliance’s comprehensive suite of accurate intelligence and insights facilitated Kambi’s understanding of state-by-state specific regulations and, as a result, Kambi was the first to penetrate targeted U.S. markets.




For Kambi, it is vital regulators completely trust thier offering. Kambi tapped into the full suite of intelligence offered by VIXIO for thoughtful analysis of historic, ongoing and forthcoming legal and regulatory changes. These actionable insights allowed Kambi to demonstrate their strength in data-driven technology to U.S. regulators, by outlining the key expectations for regulated sports wagering. One notable example of this was Kambi being able to hold constructive talks with the New Jersey regulator ahead of the PAPSA repeal. VIXIO’s forward-looking insights helped Kambi build trust with regulators.




VIXIO’s comprehensive data informed Kambi’s strategy. As a result, Kambi was able to help their partners become the first operators from outside the U.S. to move into New Jersey and the lucrative New York and Philadelphia markets.

Kambi has established an impressive track record for launching with their partners quickly into new and existing regulated markets. Kambi and their partners are now successfully opening in 18 U.S. states at the time of writing.




Launching into new markets isn’t the only way Kambi informs their Marketing Strategy with VIXIO GamblingCompliance’s quality data. VIXIO’s data-led insights help Kambi navigate ever-changing requirements in existing markets too, and allow Kambi to maintain its position as the trusted provider of sports betting services.




Compliance is central to Kambi’s success. Without it, there is no trust and no long-term sustainability of the industry as a whole. Kambi’s focus on compliance earned them two awards at the VIXIO 2021 Global Regulatory Awards: Outstanding Commitment to Sports Betting Integrity and Inhouse Legal Team of the Year.

Kambi’s two wins underscore their commitment to corporate probity and sports-betting integrity. They also recognise how VIXIO GamblingCompliance underpinned their success along the way.



“VIXIO GamblingCompliance is an important string to our bow in helping us to be as effective as possible in supporting our partners. The understanding that the team at VIXIO have of global gambling regulation is tough to match in their field, and their ability to effectively communicate this knowledge is a big help for our team as we continue to expand globally. Regulatory and compliance teams of any size or experience can benefit from the expertise VIXIO brings to the table, and they have helped us to stay abreast of developments and maintain the high standards we have set for compliance and integrity.”
– Tommaso Di Chio, SVP Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, Kambi



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