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KPMG provides audit, tax and advisory services to companies in 147 countries, helping them mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities. Each KPMG firm is its own legal entity, in keeping with local laws that mandate regulated businesses are independent. Still, each member firm operates with a shared set of values and standards for integrity in order to achieve the best outcome for clients. KPMG Malta is one example. Among the organisations who apply for KPMG Malta’s services are those who need to comply with regulations in the gaming industry.  KPMG Malta, however, demands high standards for integrity from the operators they serve. To form a complete picture of operators and the regulatory landscapes they work in, KPMG Malta relies on VIXIO’s intelligence.

Why KPMG Malta use VIXIO GamblingCompliance


KPMG Malta used to rely solely on a number of other platforms to understand various territories. As the industry grew more complex and as gambling commissions evolved, so, too, did their needs. They turned to VIXIO GamblingCompliance, who was able to provide the deep intelligence they needed. This has not only helped them advise their clients but enabled them to assess potential clients who approach them for their services.



“I find that VIXIO is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information.”

– Russell Mifsud, Director, Gaming



The Intelligence To Help KPMG Approve Operators


For KPMG Malta, it comes down to their own risk parameters, which makes it critical to have a pulse on what’s happening in any given jurisdiction. Potential clients are scrutinised in order to ascertain any risks.“I find the majority of the information we need in one place through VIXIO,” says Mifsud. With VIXIO’s independent source of intelligence, KPMG Malta gains a deeper understanding of the applicant’s territories, which in turn can support the potential client’s business case.


“I recommend VIXIO GamblingCompliance to our clients, prospective clients, new market entrants and the KPMG network. I trust what VIXIO GamblingCompliance says – they prove themselves time and time again with their in-depth, timely intelligence.
– Russell Mifsud, Director, Gaming;


While KPMG Malta operates on its own, approving clients is a wider decision involving KPMG International.Using VIXIO’s services provides them with invaluable insight to help them gain a deep understanding of the relevant territories and what’s at stake. The fact that this information is constantly updated – versus being a year or even two years out of date – is instrumental in painting an accurate picture of the situation being considered. VIXIO’s intelligence not only reveals the complexities of compliance to a particular jurisdiction, but also PEPSI payments, AML and Responsible Gambling.



VIXIO GamblingCompliance allows you to stay on top of regulatory change across the global gambling industry. Rely on the most trusted source of accurate and independent regulatory intelligence to mitigate risk and identify market opportunities.


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Data available for more than 300 companies

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More than 3 million data points updated daily

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