How SlotsMillion Anticipate And Manage Regulatory Change

SlotsMillion offer more than 3000 mobile slots games with a triple licensed casino in Malta, the UK and Sweden. Their vision is to be the casino that provides the best quality of experience for slots and casino games and is currently improving a proprietary platform to deliver that vision.

Using VIXIO GamblingCompliance, SlotsMillion were able to: 

  • Structure complex regulatory and legal research with ease
  • Make strategic decisions on new markets
  • Monitor multiple global jurisdictions covered in one platform


  The Challenge


With gambling regulations across the globe ever-changing, it is vital for the SlotsMillion team to be able to effectively anticipate and manage change across the jurisdictions they operate. SlotsMillion utilises VIXIO GamblingCompliance to monitor and track their three licensed operations in Malta, the UK and Sweden and to conduct research into potential new market opportunities.


The SlotsMillion team makes use of the comprehensive jurisdictional reports and in-depth regulatory analysis, combined with the report builder and watchlist functions. This enables SlotsMillion to adjust within their markets to mitigate risks that are identified through the research undertaken within the VIXIO GamblingCompliance platform.



“I appreciate having detailed reports organised by country, which allows us to keep up to date in multiple jurisdictions in short periods of time. I can tailor newsfeeds to match my country and sector interest – a very useful feature. When exploring new markets, I am able to quickly work out which ones have yet to establish licensing regimes or where new licensing regimes are emerging so we can consider applications.”

-Renuka Kukanesen, General Counsel, SlotsMillion;



The Solution


The SlotsMillion legal and compliance teams rely on the independent compliance intelligence provided by VIXIO GamblingCompliance to alert them to changes that affect their areas of interest.


“VIXIO is an excellent tool that aids in strategic decisions on where to develop our business ultimately allowing us to entertain more players in more jurisdictions. I am also particularly pleased that we can keep abreast of responsible gambling requirements in each market. Responsible gambling and compliance are key pillars of the SlotsMillion vision and we are constantly striving for best in market in that arena.”
– Charles Gross, Founder & CEO, SlotsMillion;


The ability to tailor updates, your own feed and build custom reports to match specific country and sector interests is invaluable for the SlotsMillion team, saving time and resources. For new market research, the team is able to quickly explore and identify those who have yet to establish licensing regimes or where licensing regimes are emerging so applications can be considered.





SlotsMillion sees VIXIO GamblingCompliance as a one-stop-shop for global gambling intelligence that allows their team to structure complex regulatory research with ease and without sacrificing depth or breadth. The intelligence, combined with the stellar customer support, makes the service a must-have for an organisation like SlotsMillion. As Renuka Kukanesan, General Counsel at SlotsMillion says,“The customer support is outstanding and goes far beyond what you would expect – I have never experienced better customer service on any subscription-based compliance product.”

VIXIO GamblingCompliance allows you to stay on top of regulatory change across the global gambling industry. Rely on the most trusted source of accurate and independent regulatory intelligence to mitigate risk and identify market opportunities.


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