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Belgium Gambling Ad Ban Confirmed

Belgium has published a royal decree severely restricting gambling advertising, despite the regulator’s fear that it will increase black market activity.

Belgian Regulator Takes Aim At Ad Ban

Belgium's planned ban on gambling advertising has come under renewed fire from the country’s gambling regulator over fears it will strengthen the black market, despite there being no firm evidence to support the claim.

News In Brief: February 20-February 24, 2023

Brazilian state launches first ever regulated sports-betting site, Hong Kong will extract an additional HK$12bn from the Hong Kong Jockey Club over five years and Missouri committee favours bill without VLTs.

Research & Reports

Interactive Map: Gambling Advertising Across Europe

Advertising is one of the most hotly discussed topics in the European gambling industry. In this map, VIXIO GamblingCompliance shows the current situation regarding gambling advertising in all jurisdictions. The map highlights the differences among the countries that allow, partially prohibit or forbid gambling advertising.

EU Online Gambling Outlook 2020

Despite the fact that EU countries are generally some of the most mature markets when it comes to regulating online gambling, a few have yet to issue any licences. In Germany, the latest amendments to the gambling regulatory framework entered into force at the beginning of 2020, allowing for an unlimited number of online sports-betting licences to be issued straightaway.

Practical Guide: Gambling Advertising Across Europe in 2019

As advertising is a significant point of discussion in the European gambling industry, following a complete ban on gambling advertising being introduced in Italy in 2018, this practical guide takes a look at the current regulatory situation in the European Union and a select few jurisdictions that are considering regulatory changes.

Data & Forecasts

Market Monitor: European Online Gambling

This quarterly report contains a comprehensive overview of available data on the €25bn+ European online gambling sector. Jurisdictional market size figures and year-on-year growth rates are supplemented by an interactive dashboard and standardised, comparable data on betting-gaming splits and online penetration rates.

Kindred Group Report - 2004 to 2022

Latest quarterly data from Swedish-listed Kindred Group. The data released for the operator contains the following information: Gross winnings revenue (GWR), gross profit, profit from operations, betting duties, a geographical & segmental breakdown of GWR, sports betting KPIs and number of active & registered customers. There are approximately 3,000 data points in this document.

Rank Group Report - FY1998 to FY2023H1

Latest half-yearly data from UK-listed Rank Group. The data released for the operator contains the following information: Group income and revenue, operating profit & key performance indicators by subsidiary. There are approximately 1,410 data points in this document.

European Online Forecasting Dashboard

This interactive dashboard features our country-level market size forecasts for the €25bn+ regulated European online gambling sector through to 2026, with projections split between online betting, gaming and total online gambling.

Market Monitor: European Land-Based Gaming

This report aggregates available, sourced data on regulated land-based gaming markets across Europe, split between casinos and non-casino gaming venues. Market size and annual growth comparisons across 28 reporting European countries can also be visualised via an interactive dashboard.
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