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Regulatory and Enforcement Landscape: United Kingdom, Sweden and Malta

This report will analyse findings from VIXIO’s Enforcement Tracker and identify key themes and trends, with a focus on the United Kingdom, Sweden and Malta as a result of a high level of enforcement activity in these jurisdictions in terms of record fines and large number of licence cancellations.

Interactive Map: Gambling Advertising Across Europe

Advertising is one of the most hotly discussed topics in the European gambling industry. In this map, VIXIO GamblingCompliance shows the current situation regarding gambling advertising in all jurisdictions. The map highlights the differences among the countries that allow, partially prohibit or forbid gambling advertising.

EU Online Gambling Outlook 2020

Despite the fact that EU countries are generally some of the most mature markets when it comes to regulating online gambling, a few have yet to issue any licences. In Germany, the latest amendments to the gambling regulatory framework entered into force at the beginning of 2020, allowing for an unlimited number of online sports-betting licences to be issued straightaway.

Malta: Financial Intelligence Unit Consults on Application of AML/CTF Obligations to Virtual Financial Assets Sector

On October 31, 2018 the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) launched a consultation on the application of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) obligations to the virtual financial assets sector.

A virtual financial asset (VFA) is defined as "any form of digital medium recordation that is used as a digital medium of exchange, unit of account or store of value and that is not: electronic money; a financial instrument; or a virtual token".

Data & Forecasts

Market Monitor: Online Gambling Operator Benchmarking

This report benchmarks key financial and operational metrics across major online gambling operators and suppliers listed in the UK, Sweden and the United States. An interactive dashboard provides visualized cross-operator trends, with rich time series data updated as each company reports, whether quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Gaming Innovation Group Report - 2014 to 2022

Latest quarterly data from Norway-listed Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). The data released for the operator contains the following information: Revenues, cost of sales, gross profit, operating expenses, EBITDA, active users and a breakdown of revenue by geographical area & product line. There are approximately 475 data points in this document.

Malta - Annual Gaming Report - 2010 to 2022H1

Latest Annual Gaming Report data from the Malta Gaming Authority. The data released for the country contains the following information: Number of licensed remote operators & licences in issue by class type, number of customer accounts, remote gaming GGR split by class type & deposits split by payment method, landbased GGR by category, casino detail and lottery sales by product. There are approximately 840 data points in this document.

Market Monitor: European Land-Based Gaming

This report aggregates available, sourced data on regulated land-based gaming markets across Europe, split between casinos and non-casino gaming venues. Market size and annual growth comparisons across 28 reporting European countries can also be visualised via an interactive dashboard.

Market Analysis: European Online Gambling

This in-depth report provides insight into the size, structure and growth of 32 European online gambling markets, containing analysis, updated as new information becomes available, sector themes and key market developments bringing stakeholders opportunities, challenges, tailwinds and headwinds.
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