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Spanish Ad Ban Could Be Ruled Unconstitutional

The Spanish Supreme Court may send the case against Spain’s gambling advertising ban to the Constitutional Court, where it could sit for years in legal limbo before any final decision is made. 

Spain Reveals €58m In Online Fines Issued Last Year

The General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) in Spain has said it closed 13 online gambling sites and sanctioned another six in 2021, publishing the information publicly for the first time. The fines issued to the 19 companies totalled more than €58m. 

Research & Reports

Market Insight: European Online Gambling

This in-depth report provides insight into the size, structure and growth of 32 European online gambling markets, containing analysis, updated as new information becomes available, sector themes and key market developments bringing stakeholders opportunities, challenges, tailwinds and headwinds.

Interactive Map: Gambling Advertising Across Europe

Advertising is one of the most hotly discussed topics in the European gambling industry. In this map, VIXIO GamblingCompliance shows the current situation regarding gambling advertising in all jurisdictions. The map highlights the differences among the countries that allow, partially prohibit or forbid gambling advertising.

Advertising Outlook - February 2022

This edition of VIXIO GamblingCompliance’s Outlook series provides subscribers with forward-looking insights, data analysis and consolidated research on global policy trends affecting the advertising of gambling. Concern about the nature and amount of gambling advertising is a pressing issue in almost every gambling market, with restrictions increasingly common across the world.

Market Insight: European Lotteries

This in-depth report provides insight into the size, structure and growth of 30 European lottery markets, containing analysis, updated as new information becomes available, of sector themes and key jurisdictional and lottery-level developments including growth trends by game category and channel shift towards online sales.

Market Insight — Spain

New bans on most gambling advertising, sport sponsorships and player bonuses look set to disrupt Spain’s €800m+ online gambling market, while state-enforced lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic devastated land-based gaming operations in 2020.

Data & Forecasts

Spain - Online Gambling Report - 2012Q3 to 2022Q1

Spain's online gambling market contracted for the third quarter in a row during the first quarter of 2022, hamstrung by limitations on bookmakers' powers to restrict winning punters which have devastated sportsbook margins and a ban on almost all advertising from the start of September 2021. The latest data shows that marketing budgets have tilted significantly towards the affiliate sector amid significant declines in traditional advertising spend and, as a result, new account creation.

Market Monitor: European Online Gambling

This quarterly report contains a comprehensive overview of available data on the €20bn+ European online gambling sector. Jurisdictional market size figures and year-on-year growth rates are supplemented by an interactive dashboard and standardised, comparable data on betting-gaming splits and online penetration rates.

Market Monitor: European Land-Based Gaming

This report aggregates available, sourced data on regulated land-based gaming markets across Europe, split between casinos and non-casino gaming venues. Market size and annual growth comparisons across 28 reporting European countries can also be visualised via an interactive dashboard.

Market Monitor: Online Gambling Operator Benchmarking

This report benchmarks key financial and operational metrics across major online gambling operators and suppliers listed in the UK, Sweden and the United States. An interactive dashboard provides visualized cross-operator trends, with rich time series data updated as each company reports, whether quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Codere Online Report - 2019 to 2022Q1

Latest half-yearly data from US-listed Codere Online. The data released for the operator contains the following information: Revenue by geographical segment, operating expenses and operating income/loss. There are approximately 100 data points in this document.
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