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High Court Lifts Stay On UK National Lottery Handover

​​​​​​​A High Court judge has lifted a stay on the transition of the UK’s National Lottery franchise from Camelot Group to Allwyn Entertainment, a move which will allow Allwyn to begin preparing to take over one of the world’s largest lotteries.

UK Gambling Changes Could Come Quicker Than Expected

​​​​​​​Changes to the UK’s 2005 Gambling Act could come quicker than expected, as most could be done either through the Gambling Commission or statutory instruments applied by the secretary of state, a gambling trade group executive has said.

News In Brief: June 20-June 24, 2022

The lawyer who wrote a damning Wire Act opinion that nearly sunk the US online gambling market has appeared as a witness in hearings in the 2020 Trump election debacle.

New Gambling Ad Controls May Vex UK Betting Industry

​​​​​​​At least one gambling lawyer thinks newly tightened restrictions on UK gambling ads aimed at protecting under-18s have more potential for grief for licensees than the much-dreaded affordability checks.

Research & Reports

Market Insight: European Online Gambling

This in-depth report provides insight into the size, structure and growth of 32 European online gambling markets, containing analysis, updated as new information becomes available, sector themes and key market developments bringing stakeholders opportunities, challenges, tailwinds and headwinds.

Interactive Map: Gambling Advertising Across Europe

Advertising is one of the most hotly discussed topics in the European gambling industry. In this map, VIXIO GamblingCompliance shows the current situation regarding gambling advertising in all jurisdictions. The map highlights the differences among the countries that allow, partially prohibit or forbid gambling advertising.

Market Insight: European Lotteries

This in-depth report provides insight into the size, structure and growth of 30 European lottery markets, containing analysis, updated as new information becomes available, of sector themes and key jurisdictional and lottery-level developments including growth trends by game category and channel shift towards online sales.

Market Insight — United Kingdom

The UK gambling market contracted slightly in the year to March 2020, with betting shop revenue reeling from the £2 stake limit on FOBTs and remote gambling resuming its positive growth trajectory ahead of industry-wide reforms set to be shaped by a review of the UK Gambling Act.

Data & Forecasts

United Kingdom - National Lottery Report - FY2000 to FY2022

Latest half-yearly data from the UK National Lottery. The data released for the lottery contains the following information: Sales breakdown by game, prize payouts, distributions and interactive & subscription sales. There are approximately 1,340 data points in this document.

Postcode Lottery Report - 2009 to 2021

Latest annual data from Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries. The data released for the operator contains the following information by operating segment: Sales income, prize expense and distributions to beneficiaries. There are approximately 250 data points in this document.

Market Monitor: European Online Gambling

This quarterly report contains a comprehensive overview of available data on the €20bn+ European online gambling sector. Jurisdictional market size figures and year-on-year growth rates are supplemented by an interactive dashboard and standardised, comparable data on betting-gaming splits and online penetration rates.

Market Monitor: European Land-Based Gaming

This report aggregates available, sourced data on regulated land-based gaming markets across Europe, split between casinos and non-casino gaming venues. Market size and annual growth comparisons across 28 reporting European countries can also be visualised via an interactive dashboard.

Market Monitor: Online Gambling Operator Benchmarking

This report benchmarks key financial and operational metrics across major online gambling operators and suppliers listed in the UK, Sweden and the United States. An interactive dashboard provides visualized cross-operator trends, with rich time series data updated as each company reports, whether quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
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