News & Analysis

News In Brief: October 11-October 15, 2021

Michigan reports record monthly gross revenue for online gambling, abolition of Lithuania's flat tax for lotteries and gambling looms larger, and the European Lotteries boss weighs in on the EU's Digital Services Act.

Regulatory News Updates – October 4, 2019

Two Illinois cities have named their preferred casino developers, the Jamaican gambling watchdog has warned of match-fixing vulnerabilities and no Brazilian advertising blackout is planned as the country’s sports-betting decree heads for final tweaking.

Internet Gambling On Jamaica ‘Fast Track’

Jamaica plans to move forward quickly with a bill to regulate online gambling and will complete the merger of its casino, betting and racing commissions before the end of this year, the island’s finance minister has said.

Regulatory News In Brief

Licensing developments involving DraftKings, Gamesys and Macau Slot, as well as the approval of Jamaica’s first casinos, are among this week’s news events.

Research & Reports

Americas Premium Insights May 23-June 5

This bi-weekly update features information a Supreme Court decision involving off-reservation casinos, proposed rules surrounding the term "Indian tribe," a California online poker draft bill, a lawsuit involving a summer jai alai permit in Florida, greyhound racing in Iowa, New Jersey's Internet gaming regulations, "millionaire party" litigation in Michigan, VLT parlor expansion in New York, and sports wagering in Jamaica.

Americas Premium Gambling Regulatory Update May 31-June 6

This week’s update includes information on the inclusion of keno in the Connecticut budget, the Illinois legislature’s approval of Internet horse race wagering, prospects for casinos in New York and Jamaica, the introduction of a federal Internet gambling bill, and the end of the legislative session in Nevada. 

Data & Forecasts

Jamaica - Supreme Ventures Limited Report - 2008 to 2021

Latest quarterly data from Jamaican-listed Supreme Ventures Limited. The data released for the operator contains the following information: Revenue, direct expenses, gross profit, operating expenses, profit from operations, a breakdown of revenue by source and a segmental breakdown of total revenue and profit from operations. There are approximately 420 data points in this document.

Market Monitor: International Gaming Machine Count

This report displays the most recent tallies of gaming machines, split between casino and non-casino units, across over 100 jurisdictions globally. Visual cross-jurisdictional comparisons of gaming machines by category and population-adjusted machine density are facilitated by an interactive dashboard.

Jamaica - Annual Gambling Report - FY2014 to FY2017

Latest Annual Gambling Report data from the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission of Jamaica. The data released for the country contains the following information: Sales turnover, payout ratio & gross profit by gambling sector & bookmaker and number of gaming machines by parish. There are approximately 370 data points in this document.
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