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McDermott Hearing Offers Little Hope of Swift Action

In the first Internet gambling hearing this year in Congress, members of the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday offered little hope that a vote to regulate and tax online wagering will occur anytime soon.

Money Laundering and Casino Gambling – Cause For Concern?

The recent ‘Bwin Liga’ decision in the European Court of Justice underlined how the perceived connection between gambling businesses, money laundering and crime remains a significant global issue - but further studies have found little cause for concern in well-regulated jurisdictions, write Professor Joe Kelly of SUNY College, Buffalo and Mark Clayton, a former Nevada gaming regulator and lawyer with Lionel Sawyer & Collins in Las Vegas.

Bermudan Premier Calls For Caribbean Gaming Study

The Bermudan Government has commissioned an international consultancy firm to conduct a feasibility study on the introduction of casinos on the islands, prompted by the evident success of the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. The move comes as gambling policy debates rumble on elsewhere in the region.

Casinos Of The Caribbean

Resort casinos are back on the political agenda for a number of Caribbean destinations, as fears about declining growth reinvigorate debate about the future direction of the tourist industry. The regional body CARICOM is highlighting labour issues, sustainability and global competitiveness as broader economic concerns in the process, but while opportunities could be on the horizon in Jamaica, the Revolution’s survival means that Cuban liberalisation could be several years off yet.
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