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Georgia Sports Betting Hopes Fade Away For 2023

The lights have once again gone out for sports betting in Georgia, as legislation failed in both chambers of the state legislature on Monday, ahead of a key deadline for bills to move forward.

Georgia Sports-Betting Bill Suffers Senate Defeat

Hopes for an expedited sports-betting launch in Georgia took a hit on Thursday as the state's Senate voted down a bill that would have legalized sports wagering without a constitutional amendment.

Research & Reports

U.S. Regulatory Roundup: May 2018

This roundup of key legislative and regulatory developments from May 2018 includes information on a ballot initiative in Arkansas, gaming legislation in Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana and Colorado, sports betting in Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, tribal litigation in New Mexico and federal gaming legislation. 

U.S. Regulatory Roundup: February 17-March 2

This roundup of key legislative and regulatory developments from February 17-March 2 includes information on tribal gaming in Florida, gaming tax legislation in Indiana, racing legislation in West Virginia, internet gaming legislation in California and Michigan, fantasy sports legislation in Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana, lottery litigation in Florida, lottery legislation in California, sports betting legislation in Michigan and West Virginia, expanded gaming legislation in Illinois, Missouri, Vermont and Connecticut, and tribal gaming litigation in New Mexico.

U.S. Regulatory Roundup: January 20-February 2

This roundup of key legislative and regulatory developments from January 20-February 2 includes information on fantasy sports legislation in Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, internet gaming legislation in New Jersey, New York and Hawaii, lottery legislation in Maryland and Hawaii, commercial gaming legislation in Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Connecticut, a casino ballot proposal in Maine, horse racing legislation in New Jersey, and federal sports betting legislation.

Americas Premium Insights January 29-February 11

This bi-weekly update features information on fantasy sports bills in Indiana, New Mexico, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Rhode Island and West Virginia; lottery legislation in Alabama and Mississippi; commercial gaming changes in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland; commercial gaming expansion in Florida, Kentucky and New Hampshire; tribal gaming in Florida, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Virginia; and a lottery request for information in Pennsylvania.

American Premium Insights March 13-March 26

This bi-weekly update features information on tribal gaming in California, lottery bills in Florida and New Jersey, a video gaming bill in Pennsylvania, gaming expansion bills in Georgia and Nebraska, an instant racing bill in Idaho, online poker litigation in Illinois, fantasy sports in Texas, casino licensing in New York, interstate agreements in Nevada and a casino expansion bill in Rhode Island. Additionally, this report outlines gaming legislation in Indiana, Maine, Michigan and Mississippi.

Data & Forecasts

Market Monitor: U.S. Lotteries

This report provides comprehensive benchmarking of key operational metrics across all 46 state lotteries in the $100bn+ U.S. lottery market. Featuring an interactive dashboard which facilitates visual cross-lottery comparisons, the dataset aggregates information from more than 900 annual lottery reports since 2000.

Georgia - Lottery Annual Report - FY1999 to FY2022

Latest Annual Report data from the Georgia Lottery. The data released for the state contains the following information: Net ticket sales, a breakdown of operating expenses including prizes, retailer commissions, contractor fees & advertising and operating income. There are approximately 500 data points in this document.
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