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African Lotteries Expand Into Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

Fixed-odds betting turnover across African members of the World Lottery Association more than doubled between 2015 and 2017 to US$334.5m, driven by emerging football-orientated products in the western trio of Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali.

Research & Reports

Northern Africa Regional Report

The former French colonies that constitute the Maghreb, along with Egypt, despite large muslim majorities and religious haram prohibitions, permit various forms of gambling activity. In all jurisdictions covered by this Northern Africa regional report, sports betting is widely practised.

Data & Forecasts

Cirsa Report - 2002 to 2022

Latest quarterly data from Spanish-based Cirsa. The data released for the company contains the following information: Group income statement, geographical EBITDA mix, geographical distribution of slot machines, casinos & bingo halls and income statements for the group's slots, casino, bingo & B2B divisions. There are approximately 6,130 data points in this document.

Market Monitor: World Lottery Association Compendium

This report contains around 40,000 data points across over 150 lotteries and 85 countries, as collated annually by the World Lottery Association. The dataset displays total sales, GGR, digital sales & digital GGR by product category in horizontal time series and filterable table views.

Morocco - Annual Lottery Report - 2003 to 2020

Latest Annual Lottery Report data from Loterie Nationale du Maroc. The data released for the lottery contains the following information: Gross sales, prize payouts and and distribution of sales to social actions, retailer commissions & taxes. There are approximately 120 data points in this document.

IFHA Global Horseracing Report - 2008 to 2019

Latest annual data from the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA). The data released contains the following information: Number of flat and jump races by country and horserace betting turnover, amount returned to bettors and deductions by country. There are approximately 6,130 data points in this document.
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