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Monitor more than 90,000 Gambling URLs in Europe Blocklist Monitoring Tracker

First introduced by Italian regulators through legislation in December 2006, online gambling blocklists have expanded across European countries as governments attempt to crack down on offshore activities, ensuring gambling activities are restricted to licence holders.

Sweden and Switzerland’s regulatory authorities are the latest to utilise blocklists as a tool against unauthorised operators, blocking hundreds of domains in their first few months of operation.

Detailing additions, updates and removals, we offer the only blocklist tracking service on the market, all to help you with ever-changing global landscapes.

584% increase in blocklist entries since June 2016


What is a blocklist?

Blocklists dictate the unlicensed domain names that must be blocked by internet service providers (ISPs), and in some cases payment processors within a jurisdiction. Governments with blocklists in place update these regularly.


Stay up to date

The Blocklist Monitoring Tracker keeps you up to date with blocklists across many European countries, informing you when any changes have been made to a country’s online gambling blocklist.


Licensed operators

VIXIO GamblingCompliance provides, where available, lists of licensed remote gambling operators in countries with blocklists. Licensed list updates are also provided for certain countries with website blocking legislation but no publicly available blocklist.


How the tracker works

You will receive a daily email alert whenever there are any changes to a blocklist, as well as an up-to-date version of the blocklist provided in Excel format. We will also provide a monthly overview of all changes made to the blocklists.

There were more than 110,000 blocklist entries in monitored countries as of December 2020.

On a daily basis, we also monitor lists of licences in 12 European countries including Denmark, France, Portugal and Spain.

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