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Our in-house team of experts bring you the latest insights affecting the payments industry. Combining our unrivalled knowledge and deep understanding of the sector, we provide the critical and timely intelligence that helps you make sense of the complex and rapidly changing global regulatory environment. Our trusted insights enable you to understand and interpret what’s happened and what it means for your organisation.

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Industry insights


Google Wallet Focuses On Digital ID In Latest Upgrade

One year on from its launch last summer, Google Wallet has unveiled its latest set…


18 Months Left For UK To Be Crypto Leader, MPs…

Crypto-assets are here to stay and the UK only has a “finite” amount of time…


Daily Dash: No Greenwashing Threat From PSPs Yet, Says EBA

An EU banking watchdog has said it sees little evidence of greenwashing in the payments…


US Agency Tells Consumers To Move Funds From Digital Wallets…

The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has warned that funds held on peer-to-peer (P2P) apps…

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